SR 324 Small Talk


The Voice Amplifier SR 324 is a communication accessory for the Sundström SR 100 / SR 900 half mask and SR 200 full face mask respirators.

The microphone is mounted onto the exhalation valve seat of the respirator. The pocket-size loudspeaker can be clipped onto a breast pocket or waist belt. The SR 324 is designed to withstand temperature, vibration, impact, dust and spray. It is water resistant, however, do not subject it to running water, and do not immerse it in water. When used in accordance with user instructions, the respirator continues to provide full protection. Battery: 9V IEC 6LR61 (not included). Microphone: Electret. Loudspeaker: 50mm Mylar cone, 8 Ohm, 2Watt. Dimesnions: 64x96x35 mm.