This 1-day classroom course is for anyone and everyone who needs and wants to know the basics of safety and health. Perfect for improving safety awareness and culture throughout the grass roots of any organisation.

Course delivery can be as flexible as your business needs it to be.

Delivered over 1 day

This course takes a modern approach to safety training and is fun, high impact and involving. 

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Additional Information

Working Safely is a safety and health training program for anyone in a working role who wants to learn the basics of safety and health. It is designed to be fun and engaging, based on practical content rather than legal jargon.

The program is internationally recognized and includes memorable case studies, clear examples, and interactive quizzes.

The course is delivered in just one day and provides a certification upon successful completion. The program has several benefits, including minimal disruption to business, improved safety awareness and performance, and enhanced reputation within the supply chain.

IOSH Working Safely is no longer eligible for the Green Labourer card as of 31 March 2020, but the Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers course is approved