Centurion Conceptair Powered Respirator Kit With Hood


Crafted for application within healthcare and industrial environments, the Centurion ConceptAir powered respirator kit has been ingeniously fashioned. The kit encompasses a power unit, a visor, and essential accompanying components. Notable for its minimal weight and user-friendly nature, the Centurion ConceptAir delivers a safeguarding solution for the respiratory system, specifically targeting potential threats such as particulate matter, encompassing dust, mists, and even airborne microorganisms. This efficacy is harnessed when paired with the provided P3 filter. Acting as an ideal introduction, the kit also boasts supplementary components: a breathing tube, pre-filters, a rechargeable battery, and an accompanying charger.

• All-in-one powered respirator kit supplied in a cardboard box
• Powered respirator turbo unit providing 200L of filtered air per minute
• Soft-top respirator hood to protect from dust
• Visor with face seal offering face protection from impact, liquid splash and hot solids
• Breathing tube connects power unit to the headtop
• Also supplied with a P3 particulate filter, five pre-filters, one lightweight battery and a battery charger
• Total weight: 4.2kg


EN 12941 TH2P
EN 166 1B 93