Sundström SR 520

The hood together with the battery-powered SR 500, SR 500 EX or SR 700 fan and approved filters are included in the Sundström fan-assisted respiratory protection device systems. The breathing hose of the hood is connected to the fan, equipped with a filter. The pressure generated in the hood prevents particles and other pollutants from entering the hood. The hoods can also be used with the SR 507 compressed air equipment. This combination forms a breathing apparatus designed for continuous air flow, for connection to a compressed air supply. The equipment can be used as an alternative to filter respirators in all situations for which filter respirators are recommended. This applies particularly to work that is hard, warm or of long duration.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

The SR 520 hoods contain natural rubber, latex content in the elastic band. It is unlikely that this part of the product is in direct contact with the skin due to the wrapping around the elasticated face seal, but may cause allergic reactions due to the materials used.