Who needs a face fit test?

In the UK the COSHH regulations stipulate that anyone who needs to wear a tight-fitting respirator whilst at work should receive a face fit test for the respirator they are using.

Who can carry out a face fit test?

Face fit testing should be carried out by a competent person. The only way of proving competency in the UK is through Fit2Fit accreditation. 

What if my employee has a beard?

Tight fitting respiratory protection is not suitable for those who have facial hair in the area the respirator seals against the face.

Face fit testing should be carried out with the wearer in a clean shaven state and this is how the respirator should be worn whilst at work.

What options do I have if my employee has facial hair?

You will need to speak to us about a PAPR system with loose fitting headtop. Not providing respiratory protection because of facial hair is not an option in the eyes of the HSE.

How long does a face fit test take?

We use the quantitative method of testing and allow 20 minutes per person per respirator.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, we will print and leave a hard copy on site and also email across the electronic copy for your records.

How long does the certificate last for?

Our certificates are set to a two year expiry. If through risk assessment you require something different speak to us prior to the testing. 

Do I need a face fit test to wear an FFP3 mask?

Yes. These masks are tight fitting and should be face fit tested.

Can you supply the equipment?

Yes. Speak to us about your requirements and we can guide you on the products we know are top for performance and affordability.

How many tests can you do in a day?

We can do as many tests as you need us to. We have a number of team members who are Fit2Fit accredited and are able to take on large scale fit testing projects delivered over a short timeframe.

HSE have visited me, can you help?

Yes, we understand that following on from an HSE visit can be stressful. We can attend site and provide free of charge consultancy on how to rectify the issues they have found.