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Quantitative Testing Workshop

This workshop will provide detailed information and “Hands On” experience for quantitative respirator fit testing. 

Each candidate will be provided a variety of respirators including Face Filtering Pieces (FFP), Half masks and full facepiece respirators for participation in fit testing workshops. A combination of lecture and practical testing in the presence of fit2fit trained, experienced instructors. Designed to introduce or refresh candidates with how to conduct respirator fit testing to a satisfy regulatory requirements.

You will also learn how to inspect respirators for common problems.

A practical test session will be conducted to access the competency of the candidate. 

A certificate will be provided on completion as confirmation of attendance the course.


No prior fit testing experience is needed, however prior knowledge from the following HSE documents will be paramount HSE INDG 479 Guidance on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) Fit Testing and HSE HSG 53 Protective Equipment at Work: A Practical Guide (Free to download from HSE Website). 

Course Agenda

0830 – 0900
Instructor arrival and set up

0900 - 1000
The Role of the Fit Tester
RPE Publications
PortaCount Model Handbook
Selecting Wearers

1015 – 1030
Coffee Break

1030 – 1200
FFPs, Half Masks and Full Facepiece Masks period
Selecting Respirators.
How to Inspect respirators prior to fit testing.
Mask Donning and Pre-Fit Checks
User Seal Checks
Installing Fit Test Adaptors

1200 – 1230
Introduction to the PortaCount machine
How it works and describing the parts.
Where to set up and Environmental conditions.
Set Up. Information input, Daily Checks

1230 – 1300

1300 – 1320
Candidate Set up introduction to N95 Technology.
General Principles
Interpretation of test results.

1320 - 1340
Probe and Test FFP

1340 – 1440
Probe and Test Half Masks

1440 – 1540
Probe and Test Full Face Masks

1540 – 1600
PortaCount Trouble Shooting

1600 – 1615
Feedback and Summarise.

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