Sundström Partnership

Harrisons are proud to partner with Sundström to deliver a shared value of protecting the health of people using respiratory protective equipment in the workplace.

Harrisons have undergone a programme of extensive training to be able to offer inspection, diagnostic reporting, hygienic cleaning, and repair of the full product range which meets the exceptional standards set by Sundström.

Why maintain your Sundström equipment with Harrisons?

Legally you have a responsibility under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, to ensure that your respiratory protective equipment remains clean, free from defects and works as it should.

Award-winning customer service

As an employer, you have a moral obligation to keep your staff safe from harm for the sake of themselves and their families and for the continued success of your business.

Harrisons are one of only two companies in the UK, currently to offer Sundström product servicing. Our approved cleansing facilities make us unique and satisfy the essential needs for post pandemic hygiene, and a significant ‘cost in use‘ extension!

Award-winning customer service, and exceptional technical expertise aligned with world-class respiratory protection underpins a desire by both teams to provide end users with an unrivaled level of product quality and user support.