Safety Helmet Zekler Zone MIPS


Innovative industrial helmet equipped with integrated MIPS technology. MIPS is an additional layer of protection that, in case of oblique impacts, can reduce the harmful forces transmitted to the brain. By allowing the outer shell of the helmet to rotate 10-15 mm in all directions relative to the head, the risk of dangerous rotational force being transferred to the brain in certain impacts is reduced.

  • Smart click mounts for headlamp, hearing protection, visor, visor cover and neck protector – no screws or adapters required.
  • 12 ventilation holes for a comfortable working environment.
  • Ratchet design for easy size adjustment, fits XS-XXL (53-63 cm).
  • Lightweight polypropylene outer shell.
  • Expanded EPS polypropylene inner fitting for a high level of comfort and excellent impact resistance.
  • Absorbent padding for high comfort, washable or replaceable to keep the helmet fresh.
  • Four-point chin strap specially designed to fit together with hearing protectors, the chin strap is both washable and interchangeable.
  • Can be equipped with custom hi-vis kit.
  • Lamp clips easily replaced when needed.
  • Weight 419g.

Complies with EN 397.