JSP Quantitative Fit Test Adaptor (Force 8 & 10® Portacount Accufit)

  • For use with Force®8 Half-mask and Force®10 Full Face Mask
  • Compatible with TSI Portacount & AccuFIT quantitative fit testing equipmentThe Force® Portacount / AccuFIT Quantitative Fit Test Adaptor enables connection of Force® respirators to TSI Portacount & AccuFIT quantitative fit testing equipment. 
  • The adapter fits the Force®8 & Force®10 Respirator Range when Quantitative Fit Testing is required.

    The adapter allows sampled air to be taken from inside the mask, drawn from the wearers breathing zone during Portacount Fit Testing. Once the adapter is fitted to the mask filter port, (either left or right) a P3 filter or gas combination filter with a P3 element to it can be fitted to the adapter. The same filter specification can then be fitted to the opposite side of the mask.

    Contents -

    • 1 x Portacount Adaptor
    • 3 x Gaskets included
    • 1 x Metal breathing zone ‘S’ shaped probe