Sundström SR 100 Half Face Respirator Mask & P3 Filter Kit


Providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to disposable masks, this Sundström SR 100 pandemic flu kit contains a reusable half-face respirator mask and filter accessories for respiratory protection against very small particles. Thanks to its handy storage box, it’s designed to be kept in a convenient place for use when there is a risk of the spread of bacteria and viruses during a pandemic. With its superior face seal, the half-face mask provides a much tighter barrier than a disposable respirator and due to its reusable nature, it can be much more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than using around four disposable masks each day.

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• Respirator kit containing a reusable half-face mask and filter accessories
• Face mask is designed to last for years
• Non-allergenic material
• Mask forms an efficient seal to the face for a very high protection factor
• Also includes a P3 R particulate filter, suitable for very small particles such as bacteria and viruses
• Pre-filter for coarse particles
• Easy to fit-test
• Easy to disinfect for reuse (disinfectant supplied separately)
• Contained in a storage box


Item Quantity
SR 100 silicone half mask 1
SR 510 P3 R particulate filter 1
SR 221 pre-filter 5
Pre-filter holder 1
Instruction manual 1
ID tag 1

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EN 140:1998
EN 143:2006 P3

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