Zekler 403h Ear Defender Snr 31


For use with Sundström SR 570 & SR 580 PAPR Headtops

Comfortable earmuffs hard hat attachment with exceptional attenuation across medium and low frequencies. The hard hat attachment with fork mount and the wide sealing cushions give constant head pressure and comfortable use. 

Attenuation level: Level 3 For hard hat attachment.

Wide, comfortable, and easily replaced sealing cushions.

Approved for mounting on the following safety helmets:

Sundström SR 570 & SR 580 PAPR Headtops

IRIS 2, Style 300, Style 600, Balance AC, Balance HD, Peltor G2000, Peltor G3000, Uvex Airwing, Uvex Pheos, Uvex Pheos Alpine, JSP EVO2, EVO3, MK7 and LAS Rockman S14, S16 och S17. Complies with EN 352-3. Attenuation value: H=32 M=29 L=21 SNR=31